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Summoners war rune optimizer download

The key to success in Summoners War is knowing what goals you should be working towards for optimal progression. Knowing where to focus your time and resources is how you build a strong Summoners War account.

Below you will find a list of goals you need to work towards followed by a link to a more detailed Summoners War guide on how to effectively accomplish each goal. If you're looking for personal and customized advice and help with your account check out our Live Chat Coaching Service.

Your first goal should be to clear all the scenarios on Normal mode so you can unlock new content and get the rewards for clearing each zone. The energy set will be very helpful for making your mons tanky enough for GB10 and the Blade set is needed for your farming mon to help you farm the first stage of Faimon Hard mode. ToA is content you can clear once per month and get some crazy good rewards for each milestone stage you finish.

The reason you want to go into ToA after GB10 is because you can use your GB10 team to clear ToA, the only extra mon you will have to build is Baretta you can fuse him pretty easily.

DB10 drops some of the best rune sets in Summoners War including the most powerful and important Violent rune set. Getting your hands on some high-quality Violent runes can really bring up the strength of your account. Violent runes are used on so many types of monsters from attackers to full support mons. R5 drops two important items: Enchanted Gems and Grindstones, which will allow you to super charge your runes. Enchanted Gems allow you to change one of the substats on a rune and Grindstones will boost up any substat.

Ranking higher in Arena and doing better in Guild Wars will give you tons of extra Crystals each week. Progression Guides. Being able to farm R5 will greatly increase the strength of the runes you already have. Goal 7: Necropolis, Basement 10 NB Find out how to progress through Summoners War the fastest way possible and collect the most in-game rewards.Griffon 2A family has been added along with his new dungeon in the Dimensional Hole.

After 24hr initial data log reports will be available in the dungeon section. All of the balancing changes have now been applied to the bestiary, and a change with data logging for dungeon runs was patched by Lyrex. A couple weeks ago all of the dimensional hole dungeons were added to the bestiary dungeon section. This includes data logging through SWEX and the drop data. The latest game balance changes have been applied.

Please leave feedback if you notice any errors so it can be corrected quickly. What else has changed lately? You can now check out the new 2nd awakenings for Martial Cats and Werewolves in the bestiary and add them to your profiles.

If you notice any errors in the skill data or effects please leave some feedback so I can update it. Bestiary Dungeons Griffon 2nd Awakening and patch 5. Updated for patch 5.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

Dimensional Hole Dungeons and other small updates March 1, A couple weeks ago all of the dimensional hole dungeons were added to the bestiary dungeon section. Additionally, a few small updates have been going on in the background: Rewrote the game data parsing code, resulting in more accurate awakening bonuses and other improvements in the bestiary. Scraping dungeon enemy information from data logs to facilitate displaying all the enemy stats in dungeons.

Support for recording the quantity of enchant gems or grindstones in profile data.

summoners war rune optimizer download

Patch 5. Added support for logging blessings that pop when a summon takes place.The closer you get to Summoners War endgame content, the harder it gets to clear levels.

Farming these two should only become your goal after finishing the scenarios and the normal Tower of Ascension, however. You can use that article to find out what each set does. Please note that Com2uS constantly updates current monsters and introduces new ones.

This means that some line-ups might have better odds than the ones we indicate in these two sections. Still, the fact remains that these indications are the fastest, easiest way to get into the respective endgame dungeons and begin to farm them consistently.

You have no idea how easily achievable these are. This will leave you with 10 or less speed to acquire from sub-stats, which is quite manageable.

The health is just as easy to get as the others. Veromos will be one of the first early summons you get to reach these minimum reqs, since he requires a fairly straightforward composition. All of these are essentially lowest-level stones that are incredibly easy to get and enhance.

Just go back to the scenario and get what you need from there with much less effort. With less damage comes better survivability. Get the stats and go for it. As is the case with GB10, nothing under DB10 is worth farming. The recommendations here are as follows:.

The most straightforward way to get your accuracy is with the help of a Focus set. By our calculations, you will have to gather around 40 speed from sub stats after getting set bonus. By far, the easiest way to achieve these speed and accuracy goals is to constantly enhance those 5-star blue stones that have relevant secondary effects. Basically, you should keep any runes that have these secondary stats for your supports. Finally, there are third-party websites that can help you optimize your rune usage as much as possible, such as Summoner War Optimizer.

As you can readily tell, these guidelines for your rune management in the endgame are quite general and they assume you have no useful purple or legendary pieces. If you get any of the latter, your life will be made much, much easier.

BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is recommended. Currently, the minimum requirements for GB10 are as follows: Health Pool — above 15, for Wind Summons and over 17, for everyone else. Speed Floor — at the very least for your healers and support units. Defense — at least Every missing point here will require additional HP to counter-balance. Health Pool — over 18, for Water Summons and beyond 20, for everyone else.

Rune-ing Like a Pro As you can readily tell, these guidelines for your rune management in the endgame are quite general and they assume you have no useful purple or legendary pieces.

Download BlueStacks Now.If you have unlocked the features it can take up to 4 hours to take effect, unless you logout and login again. Keep in mind, that when you are at the file limit the oldest file will be replaced automatically.

New monster and rune data available! Do you want to import new data from the JSON file? Please keep in mind that your currently saved builds will be deleted. You need to enter the actual craft value to determine the new exact rune substat value. Here you can create a monster at level 40 just by selecting the desired one at level All stats and relevant other information will be retrieved automatically. Here you can import presets from a file. You can select which general presets and which monster specific presets you want to import.

Keep in mind, that monster specific presets of monsters you don't own will not be displayed. Also presets that are unchecked are ones that would overwrite your own created monster specific presets so check them at your own risk. Hi there! This is a Patreon only feature. If you decide to become a Patron of mine, you will get access to other cool features as well. Builds x Text Icons. Monster Inventory. Ancient No Yes. Set NOT. Location Any Inventory Equipped on monsters Equipped on monsters in storage Equipped on monsters in monster box.

Slot NOT. Lockstate Any Unlocked Locked. Tag Select a tag.

summoners war rune optimizer download

Main Stat NOT. Innate Stat NOT. Substats NOT. Quality NOT. Ancient Yes No. Only use runes with Level or higher. Overview Set Amount. Slot Amount.

Progression Guides

Set Efficiency. Stat Distribution. Craft Set Amount.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This tool will parse intercepted data from Summoner's War and extract information on the monsters and runes of the user.

It works just like SWProxy and the focus was to write a smooth proxy, that runs fast and to fix common glitches with SWProxy SW starting problems, errors on event pages etc. You can even turn on Summoners War Exporter for normal surfing, because it doesnt really influence other pages much.

You can create your own plugins that will receive in-game events and data. What you do with that data is up to your imagination. There are two options for creating a plugin - a single javascript file, or a full NPM package. Your plugin must export the following by default:. The NodeJS 10 standard library is available to use within your plugin.

Live Chat Coaching Service

To receive game events, you must subscribe to events from proxy. See the example plugin for the two options to receive events - every game event, or specific events. You can access your specific plugin's configuration like this: config.

When in doubt, browse through the prepackaged plugins for examples. The example plugin details a barebones plugin with no external dependencies. See this example repo for a plugin that requires the request module as a dependency to do something.

As long as your package's default export matches the form specified above, you can do anything you like within your package, including external dependencies. The full file structure would look something like this:.

You can place your plugin as a folder of files in the plugins directory and it will work. However, it is recommended for distribution to package your plugin as an asar file. To install your packaged plugin, simply drop the plugin. The directory structure will look like this:. And you are ready to develop. It is also important that the bundle. You can accomplish that via. For Windows you can build a Portable or Setup version default: Both will build. That's changeable via the package.

Basically the same like for the Development environment, but you need to set two process enrionment variables:. Make sure you open the specific port in your firewall. This isnt ideal, because the UI, chromium, electron and the frontend will be loaded regardless. It's the best we can get without splitting off electron though. Skip to content.Getting good runes for all your monsters is the most challenging thing in Summoners War.

Most players just throw leftover runes on the majority of their monsters. Later on down this page, I'm going to show you how I solved these problems for myself. Despite being mostly F2P free-to-play I have caught up to and even surpassed most of my friends that have spent thousands of dollars on their accounts. The tier list will allow you to easily figure out what is the absolute best team you can possibly build depending on what monsters you have.

It will also let you know what monsters you are missing in order to build a better team. The guides include sections that will show you what the best free-to-play speed teams are, these teams only use monsters anyone can farm or fuse. We also have amazing top tier speed teams that only use farmable, fusable, or easy to obtain natural 4-star monsters.

Join over 2, SWMasters members and get access to our private community forums where I and other top Summoners War players are discussing all our tactics and strategies we only share with our guildies. The Community Forums is a great place for you to read, learn, or ask any questions you might have about Summoners War.

summoners war rune optimizer download

You just need to figure out the right combination of monsters to use based on what ones you already summoned and what ones you can farm or fuse. While the Chakram Dancer and Boomerang Warrior twins are a force to be reckoned with in pretty much all PvE content, we have found some creative teams that come pretty close to performing like a twins team. Our absolute best teams do involve the twins but we even have at least one completely free-to-play team for each dungeon that can go toe to toe with any twins team in terms of reliability and speed.

Our guides are the result of dozens of Guardian level players testing every combination of monsters and rune builds, this information is only shared among friends and guildies.

These carts should help you figure out which guide is best for your account. Please note that if you want both you can add a second guide to your account at a discounted rate after purchase. Content Covered:. Use all the material I have put together for you, and see for yourself. If it works, you will be on your way to Summoners War greatness! If you just viewed or downloaded the Dungeon Rune Farming Guide material pdfs, images, videos, etcand then promptly asked for a refund, we reserve the right to deny your refund request.

There is literally no risk because of our refund guarantee. One-Time Payment. Yes, we provide our members with a few team options that work well with poor runes. These teams will make it easy for you to quickly improve your rune quality.

How to get your Json using SWEX with the Certificate 2019+ version (Using NOX) - Summoners War

We update our guides almost immediately after each Summoners War patch and you get FREE updates for life when you buy any of my guides. Yes, we provide download buttons for all our guides and materials so you can view it on your PC or devices. Get customized help and advice based on your accounts monsters and runes from our Guardian level player coaches. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers.

SW Proxy was broken after last game update 2. Added barion's rune efficiency to csv added unique unit id to optimizer data for PC app.

Added unicode support. Also add the unique id of runes to optimizer json. Skip to content. Dismiss Be notified of new releases Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers. Sign up.

summoners war rune optimizer download

Releases Tags. Latest release. Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag. Fix issues with latest update Windows-only release. I'll include a mac release once someone else builds it. Assets 3. Source code zip. Source code tar. Assets 4. Mar 25, 0. If you need to parse a pcap file, use swparser 0.

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