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Smart key not recognized land rover

On the previous pagewe noted that there are three distinct Smart Key Styles. Plus, there are two ways to use the Style 1 key fob. Lift the console lid and slide open the cover of the starter control unit 2 as shown again to the right. Insert the Smart Key fully into the unit. Keep the Emergency Key Blade in place to use as a handle. The Style 1 Smart Key can be undocked with the car in Park and the ignition off.

Press the Key to release and pull it out.

smart key not recognized land rover

With the Land Rover and late model Jaguarsand with the Style 3 and Style 4 key fobs, what must be done depends on whether or not the steering wheel is adjusted manually or electrically. If it is adjusted manually, hold the Smart Key fob flat against the underside of the steering column, buttons facing down, as shown. The electric I-Pace uses these markings as well.

If the steering column adjusts electrically, the process is exactly the same, except that the Smart Key fob is held against the left side of the steering column with the buttons facing out, as shown. Again, note the three parallel lines marking the correct spot.

Check our videos for additional help with Land Rovers.


Note: If you have made an attempt to start the vehicle without success, there may be residual pressure in the brake system and a new warning light may appear left or text message to Step on the Brake. Press the brake pedal very, very hard when trying to start the vehicle again to be sure that the release switch behind the pedal is engaged. Check out this page for more! Made with by Graphene Themes. Toggle search form.

smart key not recognized land rover

Toggle navigation DashboardSymbols. Second, for video help, click here! Jaguar On the previous pagewe noted that there are three distinct Smart Key Styles. Related posts.Realtime Posts Downloads Chatbox. What's New? Forgot Username? Remember Me?

Results 1 to 13 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Downloads 6 Uploads 0. Reposition or place as shown and press start button"?

Remote operate the car, can open and close etc. For sure car after accident. Bought with no keys. Then Key operate central locking, but cant start the car. No dtc's.

Downloads 17 Uploads 0. Downloads 1 Uploads 0. Had exacly same problem on jag. Remote work car not start. Than added key by obd. Last edited by drugowaz; 7th June, at PM. What is the difference between professionals and amateurs? Only amateurs panic Originally Posted by drugowaz.

Originally Posted by eliaselias. First time added to dump. Car far away. Not worked. That owner brought car to me and all done by obd. Im just teling that my sympthom exacly as your.

Just test other key.Login Register. Happened to me today. Key was in the middle console with my phone. Phone was connected with the car by bluetooth. When I made a phonecall the alarm came on and Stayed on untill i turned the engine off. Post: When I made a phonecall the alarm came on and Stayed on untill i turned the engine off Mine has packed in altogether now, so neither key will lock or unlock the car, nor will it start.

The only way to achieve either is to use the emergency key to open the car, and go through the key-under-steering wheel procedure each time. My dealer has been about as much good as a chocolate fireguard, no appointments available to have it looked at, no advice as to how I can safely leave it as the rather inconvenient method of using the temporary emergency key in the passenger door doesn't set the alarm.

Their suggestion? And presumably get an AA man who doesn't know any more about it than I do. I wonder what my insurers would say if I told them I was leaving it not properly locked or alarmed? Research on the internet suggests that this problem has been ongoing for at least two years, and they still haven't found a solution. All I have learned is that there are various separate issues ranging from 'reception holes' in the coverage within the car, problems with back-lit screens on electronic devices, nearness of metal objects all rectifiable by moving the keyto 'KVM software issues' which can be re-set but they haven't found a way of stopping it happening again to 'Transponder Lock-up' requiring replacement of both keys.

Surprisingly, however, it seems to have gone quiet on here with regard to this issue - has someone somewhere at LR actually now found an answer? Has happened 3 times for me and seems to just go away if I turn off and on again. I occasionally get that message in my Discovery 4, but on each occasion, my phone has been in the same pocket as the fob.

Pull fob out of my pocket and away she goes! This happens fairly regularly to me, I have tried holding the key under the steering column, but still not found. Don't believe it to be related to low signal or dead spot as if i lock and re-open car with fob quickly, it then finds key fob.

If anyone has any further info, drop me a line. If not, I will pop in to local dealer and ask them. Has anyone gotten an official response from LR about this?

Jaguar and Land Rover Dead Key Fob Help: Part II, Getting Started

I regularly had the same issue as you earlier this year first 3 mthswhen the car was in my garage. So far it hasn't been repeated but not now parked in my garage.

Very odd! In desperation, I tried removing and replacing the relevant fuses number 1 and number 17 in the fuse box behind the glove box which re-set the key recognition and restored normal operation. More details in the other thread on this subject. If you look on the internet, this problem has been going on for at least three years, with LR still not able to produce the software patch they have been proposing to cure it.

This post was last modified: pm by Donny Dog. I've looked all over for this thread and eventually found it on a Google search! Anyway, a week or so ago the car wouldn't start with either key, this being only a few minutes after it had been running normally. Nor would the car start with the key placed in the depression under the steering wheel.

After a wait of about ten minutes, and trying the key in the emergency-start position [after having retrieved the key, which I let go of only for it to disappeared down the back of the under-dashboard cover!

smart key not recognized land rover

What hadn't struck us what that the car was unlocked at this time, and, when we arrived at our destination, it wouldn't lock using either the key-less method or pressing the key-fob button. As a result, we had to lock and leave the car for several days using the emergency key in the deadlock facility in the passenger door now re-located to the driver's door on later models, I notice.Any person fitted with an implanted medical device should make sure that the device is kept at a distance of at least 8,7 in 22 cm away from any transmitter mounted in the vehicle.

This is to avoid any possibility of interference between the system and the device. Interference may cause the implanted medical device to malfunction, causing serious injury or death. To prevent accidental or unauthorized operation, never leave children or animals unattended in the vehicle. The vehicle can be operated when the smart key is inside the vehicle.

The operational range of the smart key varies considerably, depending on atmospheric conditions and interference from other transmitting devices. If any door, or the luggage compartment, is unlocked 10 times within a short period, the locking latch is disabled for approximately 1 minute. The vehicle is supplied with two smart keys. The smart keys act as remote controls for the locking and alarm system. They allow the vehicle to be locked, unlocked, and driven without the use of a conventional key.

Each smart key also has an emergency key inserted in the smart key body. Lock: Press to secure the vehicle. If power-fold mirrors are enabled, they fold in.

Jaguar and Land Rover Dead Key Fob Help: Part II, Getting Started

Unlock: Press briefly to unlock the vehicle and disarm the alarm. The hazard warning lights flash twice to indicate that the vehicle is unlocked and the alarm is disarmed. The interior lights illuminate to assist entry to the vehicle. If power-fold mirrors are enabled, they unfold.

Press and hold to activate global opening. Luggage compartment: Press briefly to release, open or close the luggage compartment. If the vehicle is locked and armed, the security system remains active while the luggage compartment is open. When closing, if the vehicle is already locked and armed, the hazard warning lights flash after a few seconds to confirm that the alarm system is re-armed.

Make sure the smart key does not remain in the vehicle before closing. It may not be detected if it is inside a metal container, or is shielded by a device with a back-lit LCD screen, e.

Also, if the vehicle is in an area of localized Radio Frequency RF interference, it may not be detected. If the smart key is not detected inside the vehicle, the vehicle locks.

The vehicle does not automatically unlock. The vehicle now unlocks only with another valid smart key. Press and hold for 3 seconds or press three times within 3 seconds to activate the horn and the hazard lights.

Once active for more than 5 seconds, the alarm can be canceled. Press the button and hold for 3 seconds or press three times within 3 seconds. When approaching the vehicle during darkness, press to switch on the approach illumination.

Press again to switch approach illumination off.If the vehicle has been unlocked using the emergency key blade or the Smart Key is not detected by the vehicle, it will be necessary to use the keyless start backup to disarm the alarm and start the engine. The keyless start backup can only be used when the message Smart Key Not Found Refer to Handbook is displayed in the message centre.

Position the Smart Key against the underside of the steering column cover with the buttons facing downwards. Note: If the message Smart Key Not Detected is displayed, ensure that the key is being held in the correct position and try again. Child Restraints Everyone in your vehicle needs to be buckled up all the time, including babies and children.

Every state in the United States and all Canadian provinces require that small children ride in prope Other bulbs There are bulbs other than the Xenon bulbs that you cannot replace. Replace only the bulbs listed. Have the bulbs that you cannot replace yourself changed at a qualified specialist workshop. Interior heat build-up may cause se When the engine starts, you no longer need to hold the Smart Key beneath the steering column. Rolling re-start If the engine is switched off while the vehicle is moving, a rolling re-start can be initiated.

When the en The system is automatically activated when the ignition is switched on. See also: Child Restraints Everyone in your vehicle needs to be buckled up all the time, including babies and children.Skip to content. Quick links. The first time was after parking overnight on a ferry. When we docked the car wouldn't start until the key was held under the steering column like in the diagram. Sitting in the car yesterday for a few minutes yesterday after a short drive.

I had the window down and wanted to put it up. Pressing start button brought up this message on the dash. Positioning the key under the steering column didn't work like the first time. Strangely enough after pressing lock then unlock on the key fob the car went back to normal. Has anyone else had this issue? Click here to see what it's like to own this superb piece of British engineering. MB GLC d. Gone: 2 x DS TD4. Both rejected - B pillar ticking. Evoque TD4.

Increasing problems. It'll be interesting to hear what the dealer has to say about it. Good luck. Going in for 2 days at local dealer for this and five other problems to be fixed - they only want it for 2 days!

Not holding my breath They said there were definitely some issues and they spent 7hrs on it apparently. In the process they applied a total of six software updates. So far everything seems to going well. The car even seems to be different to drive but that's possibly just because the ecu has been reset.

smart key not recognized land rover

Follow Us. Copyright Not associated with Land Rover.If the vehicle has been unlocked using the emergency key blade or the Smart Key is not detected by the vehicle, it will be necessary to use the keyless start backup to disarm the alarm and start the engine.

Position the Smart Key against the underside of the steering column cover with the buttons facing downwards. When the Smart Key is positioned in this area, it will be recognized by the vehicle and the message Smart Key recognized will be displayed in the message center.

Once the engine has been started, you no longer need to hold the Smart Key against the steering column cover. The engine will then begin to crank. Release the accelerator pedal when the engine starts.

The spare wheel is heavy and if handled incorrectly may cause injury. Use extreme Recirculation When selected, the air is inside of the screen. This helps to maintain a high or low temperature, and is useful for preventing fumes entering the vehicle.

Flat towing Towing your vehicle with all four wheels on the ground is sometimes called flat towing. This method is sometimes used when towing a vehicle behind a recreational vehicle, such as a motor home.

Exhaust gases are poisonous and can cause unconsciousness and death if inhaled. Switching off the engine Before stopping the engine, ensure that the vehicle is parked safely with the parking brake applied and P selected. The audio, t

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