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I did so, fully aware that a number of things wouldn't work out of the box. So far, using Debian testing, and compiling the 4. In order to get the touchscreen working, I'd like to know a little more about the hardware that operates the touchscreen. I've not been able to determine this from looking at 'lshw' from within linux, and that is likely due to the fact that I've not fully gotten the vega graphics module working fully.

Your best bet for Linux support, since HP does not provide Linux drivers, is to contact the support forum for the Linux distro you are trying to install. Hey, I am in the same boat, and was given advice to compile the amd-staging branch of the kernel. Since I'm already in the process of rebuilding the kernel in order to add functionality, I'm well aware of the fact that HP will not directly support the OS, but that's not what I was asking for.

All I wish to know is additional information about the hardware surrounding the touchscreen, the rest I'll do myself, as I'm more than capable of doing so. My next course of action was to look at building the AMD staging kernel.

This should hopefully bring in all the extra stuff for the graphics chip. As a laptop, the Envy x is really nice.

I'm from the UK, so there are a few quircks with the keyboard, such as the pipe key ' ' is on the right hand side of the keayboard near the right shift key, where I'm used to all standard keyboards including the one of the pavillion G6where the pipe key is directly next to the right shift key. The 4. Hey, please let me know if you get positive results from this, the people at the linux touchscreen driver project could definitely benefit from some info too.

I have good news regarding the GPU, and that is, with the included firmware binary files from the freedesktop page, I have fully functional graphics:. This is how I managed to get the wireless and graphics drivers working.

Motile M142-RG with Ryzen 5 Ubuntu Linux Review

I'm almost there, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can play games like minecraft without issue, step up from the Pavillion G6 sa Laptop, which is now sitting in a server rack. Ill be recieving my machine today so ill be able to pitch in system information to the wacom people. I hear that it might be a GPIO issue with the processor that is preventing the wacom drivers from recognizing the device see the repo I linked to you.

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After i press Install now or try ubuntu before installation or check the cd for error. I get some text's flash and black screen.

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ryzen linux reddit

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Linux on Embedded Ryzen with Radeon. Thread starter Jarret B Start date Jan 19, Jarret B Active Member Staff member. It also helps to have the proper GPU driver for performance. Stability is much better with the AMD kernel they provide on their website.But it's the only Ryzen equipped laptop I have available—so it was obviously going to get Linux on it, whether it liked it or not.

Since brand-new hardware generally calls for brand-new distro versions, I grabbed a fresh copy of the Ubuntu Focal Fossa beta and gave it a whirl. I have the sad duty of reporting that the results were mediocre at best. The first step in installation on a new laptop is everybody's favorite game: which key do I press to get to BIOS?

It took a couple tries, but on the Zephyrus G14, the correct answer is Esc. I already knew from my earlier experience with the Dragonfly G1 that using proprietary drivers and tainted kernels meant Secure Boot shenanigans.

The Zephyrus G1 offers the ability to enroll a new key—but unlike the Dragonfly, it also allows you to disable Secure Boot entirely.

This is just a test laptop, and there are only so many hours in the day, so I disabled Secure Boot rather than monkeying around with MOK keys. With that done, and the USB drive selected as boot device, things looked good—I chose "Install Ubuntu" from the initial text mode menu. The screen cleared, and hey—an Ubuntu progress splashed underneath the Republic of Gamers logo! We're on our way! Five minutes of fans in leafblower mode later, the animation splash stopped moving entirely.

On the second try, I chose "Install Ubuntu safe graphics mode. Unfortunately, on first boot, I got a blank, black screen. While poking around the system, the problem reached out and smacked me in the face: nouveau, the open source Nvidia driver, began dumping kernel errors to console faster than they could be printed.

Now I knew what the issue was—but the console spam prevented me from accomplishing anything, so I rebooted again. With nouveau blacklisted, I rebooted again—and this time, I got a graphical desktop. Unfortunately, while the desktop worked, the touchpad did not.

That bulk you see looming off to the right of these pictures is my open-air rig, with the Threadripper x on it Problem solved! With a working mouse, the next step was opening up the Additional Drivers applet and installing the proprietary Nvidia drivers.

Oddly, the Additional Drivers applet informed me that the Intel AX Wi-Fi 6 device wasn't working—despite the fact that I was already connected to and busily moving data across a Wi-Fi network. I ignored its complaints about the Wi-Fi and rebooted. After rebooting, the first thing I noticed was that the touchpad mysteriously started working. The Mouse applet showed the touchpad as enabled and had all options available—tap to click, two finger scroll, edge scroll, and so forth.

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ryzen linux reddit

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ryzen linux reddit

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AMD Ryzen Mobile For Linux.

Comment 29 dl9px UTC. Comment 31 eric. Comment 32 eric. Comment 33 hoper UTC. Comment 34 eric. Comment 35 hoper UTC. Comment 36 Jon UTC. Comment 38 eric.Our initial experiences are a little hit-or-miss in some cases, but overall, AMD seems to have brought along some great improvement with these latest chips. For desktop, these are codenamed Matisse, and succeed the last-gen Pinnacle Ridge. In addition to a die-shrink to 7nm, these new processors include numerous enhancements to improve IPC performance, more cache, and higher clocks.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Linux Benchmarks

Best of all, they even feature more cores in some cases. We have two of the first chips to launch on our test bench today, including the 8-core Ryzen 7 X and core Ryzen 9 X.

Rumor has it that AMD plans to impress on the third-gen Threadripper parts, so things could get really interesting. AMD has kindly kept suggested retail pricing the same as last-gen.

That said, there are current issues to be aware of:. In talking to some of our reviewer friends this past week, some spoke of issues in their Windows testing, but knock on wood, our experience was seamless. Our Linux testing left a bit to be desired, however, because of an odd bug that prevents current distros from being bootable on the new platform.

Something is clearly broken, but seemingly only in the newer distros. AMD is aware of this, so it should not persist for long. We even updated to the current 5. Yet, the platform was impossible to get So, all of our testing aside from Zen 2 was tested in Our Linux configuration is simple. Ubuntu Sleep is disabled, and the performance profile is enforced with this command:.

On the mitigation front, nothing is explicitly done outside of having the most up-to-date EFI installed on every motherboard. Systems are effectively default, and whichever security mitigations are applied will be automatic ones applied by the motherboard firmware or distro vendor.

Linux on Embedded Ryzen with Radeon

As frustrating as it was to get a bootable system with these chips, they sure did deliver on giving us interesting results to ponder over. Those biggest Threadrippers tend to rip threads a lot better under Linux than Windows, but there might be an exception with this test. With the kernel compile, scaling with the big WX makes a lot more sense. Those two chips end up leading the pack in a big way, as even the core X falls quite a bit behind those.

An even better one is the match-up between X and X. Despite having fewer cores, the X won both battles. With Blender 2. With correct threading, the core chip manages to slaughter the rest. Meanwhile, the X easily outpaces the core iX. Despite being a last-gen chip, that X still costs a lot more than the X, and the updated K is priced at twice the SRP of the X.

You could say that AMD is being quite aggressive here. On almost the entire stack here, all of these renders take under a minute to perform, and in some cases, like with Tachyon, only seconds to perform. There are still some questionable results here, though. Take a look at the X, which somehow beat out both the K and X in two tests. Performance detriment is so specific sometimes, and hard to figure out, but retests backed up these results. Ultimately, for rendering, you always want as many cores as you can get, as evidenced by the top few results in these charts.

It looks as though HandBrake is going to give us our best taste of architecture advantages between new and old. The X handily beats out the X here, despite having the same number of cores, and nearly the same clocks.As well as Ryzen performs out of the box, however, enthusiasts can turn knobs and tweak settings to push the processors even further. Not only does each chipset offer varied interface support for technologies like USB 3.

Usually, we advise most PC users to ignore motherboard BIOS updates unless they need to add a specific new feature, due to the small, but real possibility of bricking your hardware. Revisions released during the initial months have greatly increased speed, stability, and available features for AMD systems. You definitely want to stay up to date during these early days for Ryzen.

New to the process? But different motherboards support different memory speeds, and your BIOS may not be configured to take advantage of the best performance out of the box. The BIOS updates it enabled feature dozens of new memory performance options and improvements.

Most key? Now for the good news: Ryzen processors tend to have no problem overclocking to between 3. Adam Patrick Murray.

Table of Contents 1. Pick the right motherboard 2. Update your BIOS regularly 3. RAMming speed 4. Overclock it! Clean-install Windows 6.

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